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    Southern Utah Youth Football Association in conjunction with the Southern Utah University Football Team held a day camp for all 4th to 7th grade youth interested in playing football this upcoming fall.  Please see our photo gallery for details.       Read the Full Story
  SUYFA Needs your help.  In order to organize a good youth program, we need your help.  Please contact SUYFA and volunteer.  President Jay Ziegler 435-531-1720 Chief of Operations:  Kim Weaver 435-559-7914 Read the Full Story
    2014 Registration Is now open. Register online now!  Contact Kim Weaver @ 559-7914 for any questions

Also Check out on Facebook Red Rock Youth Football Confrence.  SUYFA Plays games with St. George's Red Rock League.  
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Welcome to SUYFA Southern Utah Youth Football Association,  (SUYFA) serves the Southern Utah  region, with 6 Districts located in Cedar City, Enterprise, Wayne County, Lincoln County. The purpose of the SUYFA is to provide participating youth with a healthful, enjoyable leisure time activity, and to foster in them the qualities of sportsmanship, team play, and integrity. SUYFA believes that a youth sports programs are as good as the people that volunteer time to the program. When evaluating which league to join.  Look at what time you would like to donate.  The game of football is the same where ever you play.  The price may be different, but the game is the same.  Read the Full Story

SUYFA Football


SUYFA is a league focused on letting all 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders  play football.  With youth football it isn't about how talented you are but how much play time you get.  More more play time you get the more love you will have for the game.  SUYFA is dedicated to getting more kids on the field and more play time for each individual.


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SUYFA Pee Wee is a new league that combines teams from each Elemenary School in the Iron County area.  Teams will be include 2nd and 3rd grades along with 4th  This will allow smaller teams and more play time for all kids involved. This is a building point of SUYFA.  It is going to take great Volunteers to see that this happens.  If you would like to head up the Elementary or help out with a team.  Please give us a call.

Southern Utah Youth Football Association